H6 Security Firearms Training

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Employers are looking for you right now, so why not start Training right now! With Precision Shooting, you can…

The most comprehensive and complete Security Firearms Training on the market! Learn how to maintain, carry, and use a Firearm legally and professionally in the Security Industry and open up a world of employment opportunities with our industry partners.

Train with either Semi-auto or Revolver or even both. With Courses run regularly, you can be qualified in no time at all.

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Licensed Security Agents are a many but only a few progress to carrying firearms. Even fewer are what we consider Armed Precision Shooting Professionals.

Achieving this is a complex and sometimes arduous task with multiple courses and training programs required. Precision Shooting have simplified this and combined State requirements and Nationally recognised Units of Competency in to one convenient course. We have courses every month with some months running multiple sessions.

In designing this course we have not only combined all requirements for licensing but have consulted heavily with industry and clients to determine exact training and assessments to ensure all who graduate through Precision Shooting can proudly call themselves ArmedPrecision Shooting Professionals.

We have incorporated years of experience and client needs into a comprehensive and total package that reputable companies in the industry recognise as the only course to hand pick graduates from and the only course that delivers “Operationally Reflective Training”.

Operationally Reflective Training is a method of training used to review or replicate real-life scenarios, as close as possible. Our aim is to teach you to shoot, but we also to teach you when NOT to shoot. This training ensures all parties are likely to remain uninjured in real situations, with no discharge of a firearm happening unnecessarily. That’s a Precision Shooting outcome!

We aim to make you a Hero! Not a hero to the industry, your mates/colleagues, or your boss. We aim to make you a hero each and every day to your loved ones by going home safely and without making poor judgement choices for yourself or the alleged offender if a critical incident should arise. Pulling the trigger is a last resort and should only be done when NO other option is available. Precision Shooting sincerely hope all personnel we train never have to pull the trigger, but if you do, we will give you all the training to make you ready!

Our course is not for the faint-hearted and Payment doesn’t automatically mean Pass. Hard work, determination, mindset, and damn good attitude is required. We guarantee that if you apply yourself, train hard, and come prepared to learn and adopt the new skills, you will walk out at the end of the course not only qualified but also “a cut above” everyone else.

Steps required to successfully complete your course:

  1. Book on one of the available courses and complete the Application for Firearms License form in Module 2
  2. Submit completed form to South Australia Police via local police station
  3. Complete the Mandatory Registration Form for National recognition
  4. Upload Identification Documents required by law
  5. Complete on-line learning required for H6 & CPPSEC3008A including all assessment items
  6. Upload you valid Authority to Train Letter from South Australia Police
  7. Attend your scheduled range days and complete all Practical Assessment Criteria
  8. Upload your Assessment Summary with your Instructor issued Qualification Code
  9. Answer the 3 (three) hypothetical Case-Study Questions based on your training
  10. Complete the Assessment Completion Declaration

Part of your on-line learning will be to upload various authority and identification documents along with a completed RTO Registration Form. These will be completed as part of your course progression and each part is achieved through your theoretical online learning.

Please note:

Some organisations want a private course as they work together, play together, and therefore want to train together. Organisations can contact us to arrange a private course for themselves tailored to their exact needs and procedures. This course can also be customised to suit any State/Territory Security and/or Law Enforcement Agency Specific Training. Call us to discuss customisation options.

By purchasing this product you understand and agree to the following:

You have a sound operational understanding of computer knowledge, have access to one with internet access, and can navigate your way successfully through the learning platform. Precision Shooting takes no responsibility nor liability for anyone who is not at the functional user knowledge of everyday computer usage ie. internet browsing, interactive use of web pages, and email.

When booking this product, please allow enough time (generally 6 weeks) for you to obtain the appropriate required documentation and authorities. Precision Shooting accepts no responsibility for delays in you obtaining said documentation and/or authorities to be able to undertake Practical Range Assessment. Please ensure you read and accept all Terms & Conditions prior to purchase. At present and as a guide only, South Australia Police processing time for:

  • New Firearm Licensing Application is around 4-6 weeks
  • Variations to existing Firearms Licenses is around 2-4 weeks

Application forms for both New Licenses and Variations can be found on the South Australia Police website or in the first module of your online learning associated with this course.

You will not be able to attend live Practical Range Assessment without a valid Letter of Authority to Train letter from South Australia Police (SAPol) AND you have successfully completed of ALL of your online learning. Both these criteria will need to be met and no exceptions will be made. These are assessed safety and critical knowledge items in your on-line learning which are required before progression to your chosen Practical Range Assessment component of your course. If you book your Course for a certain date and you have not received your H6 Authority to Train letter back and uploaded to successful complete the online theoretical component, you may be charged a 25% Re-allocation Fee and will be forbidden from attending as originally scheduled. Your Practical Range Assessment will be re-scheduled by Precision Shooting (at our discretion) and an invoice will be automatically generated for this. This newly generated invoice is payable before the re-scheduled Practical Range Assessment and no Practical Range Assessment can be undertaken without payment in full.

In short, you can begin and complete your theoretical learning on-line, but cannot progress to live-fire on range without a valid Letter of Authority to Train AND successful completion of all theoretical online components.

You must complete ALL theoretical on-line Modules and Practical Range Assessment items before H6 & CPPSEC3008A can be issued. H6 & CPPSEC3008A will only be processed and issued once ALL assessment items are successfully completed and all invoices are paid in full.

Please Note: Precision Shooting is not the license issuing body. The relevant Government Agencies are responsible for license issue and associated fee collection.