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Our business is all about protecting your business. Are pest animals impacting on your productivity?

We’re a team of highly professionally trained pest control shooters, specialised in removing pest animals from the home and workplace. This includes properties such as residential homes, warehouses, farms, rural properties, sporting grounds, golf courses, schools and other public areas.

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Contract Shooters

Professionals trained in controlled precision shooting

Professional Contract Shooters

As professional contract shooters, we are licensed to use firearms for the pest control on residential and rural land. We use controlled Precision Shooting for the most effective and humane method of pest control. We remove the pest animal from the location immediately and humanely.

Precision Shooting Victoria DO NOT use any unsightly traps, which require a constant monitoring.

We also DO NOT use pest control poisons. The spreading of dangerous substances around your home, property or workplace, could not only be harmful for you – but also harmful for your loving pets and/or stock. The use of controlled poisons could also cause a lingering death for an animal.

Precision Shooting removal of pest birds

Precision Shooting Victoria specialise in the removal of pest birds from your premises, as well as permit work for sporting grounds, golf courses, public areas and schools.

The immediate removal of the pest animal has the effect of lessening the health risks pest animals pose to your workplace, property and staff – or damage to your premises, and maintains the cleanliness of the area.

Precision Shooting Victoria are able to design and implement a Pest Removal Program for your home, property or workplace. We work with you to ensure the best outcome for your business with the minimum amount of impact to you and your day to day operations.

We are fully qualified licensed and insured to conduct shooting programs in public access areas, industrial and residential areas.

Vertebrate Animal Pest Control